Is There Room For Me, Too?


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“Surfing the System” - tips for dealing with bureaucracies and agencies:

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“Do It Yourself Sanity - Strategies to Use at Home

what reviewers are saying:

    “...a therapeutic map to guide the reader toward a better quality of life.”

                                    NAMI Advocate, Fall 2011

“Four stars out of five...Fruchey’s sensitivity to differences in opinion and life situations will help make the book pertinent to a wide range of people. Although it targets mentally ill readers, this book will also benefit relatives and friends and help mental health professionals better understand their patients. Overall, it provides practicable, well-presented information.

“Self-help books for people with mental illness are scarce. As readers with mental illness follow Fruchey’s suggestions, they make room for themselves in a society that is reluctant to accept them.”

                                    Foreword Reviews, October 2010

“It is one of the best of its kind that I have read.”

                                    Jeffrey Spar, PeaceLove Studios

Find out:

-how to learn what your triggers are - and avoid them

-how to survive suicidal thoughts

-how to use your environment to bolster your sanity

-how to get the most from bureaucracies and agencies

-what to do if psychosis hits you in public

-rules of the road for couples when one has a disorder

-how to build a new identity you can be proud of

Draw on the wisdom of dozens of interviews. Benefit from the psychological methods pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous. The author is a patient stabilized for over 20 years, writing under the oversight of Clinical Psychologist Dr. David Kallinger. An ideal resource for families, caregivers and professionals who want to understand the challenges their loved ones face.

Do-it-yourself sanity with a Four Star rating!

Take charge of your mental illness